Living MS Naturally
Living an active, fulfilling & amazing life with MS




National MS Society

The who, what, why of MS. Our instruction manual and guide to research & studies.


Diet and Food

The OMS Diet

This diet is promoted by Dr. Swank and eliminates fats, meat and dairy. Veggies, fruits, seeds, nuts and fish are encouraged.

The Wahl’s Protocol

This version of the Paleo Diet promotes eating similar to our ancestors by encouraging meat, fish, veggies, fruit, nuts and seed. Foods such as grains, beans and dairy are to be avoided.

Thrive Market

My go-to online organic membership food market. Get your anti-anxiety mushroom cacao mix, collagen boosting bone broth, all natural cleaners and skin care.


Facebook Groups

MS Pals

A positive group giving advice and suggestions. The perfect, private forum to post questions and receive support.

MindBodyWise Living Room

My 24/7 private therapy group. Share, listen, help and be helped. Depression and anxiety are major factors with MS. I often can feel better when offering care for another to control their progression.

MS Recovery Naturally

This group supports and only encourages the OMS diet (Dr. Swank). Although a great resource for proponents of this diet, they tend to completely discourage any alternative diets/views. As their name suggests, this group supports natural methods of healing MS. Many but not all have discontinued their MS medication and prefer to use diet, exercise and stress management to control their progression.



MS Gym

Primarily a membership site however free information is also available. An extremely encouraging and motivating program to increase strength, flexibility and balance. Sign up for the newsletter! Very positive and engaging.

Meditation Minis Podcast

These soothing guided meditations are my daily fix to relieve anxiety.


Phone Apps


My go-to when anxiety hits mid-day, early evening, anytime! Lose yourself with the sight and sound of the ocean, a crackling fire, gentle rainfall and more.

Meditation Studio

Guided meditations for everyone. Find your ideal instructor and let him/her create the ideal environment to take you to the perfect relaxed state.

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